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Bike Fitting Services

Let Our Fit Technicians Help You

A well-fit bicycle makes for a happy riding experience. Your bike might be the correct size, but small ergonomic tweaks may be needed to ensure you are comfortable and free of pain.

At Bruce's Cycle Works we have been using professional bike fit tools longer than anyone else in Saskatoon. Let us help you enjoy your biking experience.

Body Geometry Fit - $200

The Specialized BG Fit was developed during a long partnership with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. This scientifically based system of bicycle fitting allows you to rider faster, longer and in greater comfort.

The fit starts with a pre-fit interview to determine injury history, fit needs and cycling goals. It then proceeds to a flexibility assessment that also includes foot structure, knee position, spinal curve and leg length. This information then assists us in setting up a bike position that places the rider in a position that is both comfortable and powerful.

A fit may entail the purchase of a new stem, saddle or other bike components to achieve a comfortable position on the bike.

Standard Fit - $100

Our Standard Fit is a great option if you are experiencing minor comfort issues and want to make sure that your bike is set up properly for you.

We analyze your current position on the bike and discuss any comfort issues. We then adjust the saddle height and position for optimal comfort and power transmission to the pedals. To optimize upper body comfort, we make adjustments to ensure you are in a relaxed position that accommodates your flexibility.

A fit may entail the purchase of a new stem, saddle or other bike components to achieve a comfortable position on the bike.

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Saddle Fitting

We've all been there: your bike position feels good, but you can hardly sit on your saddle! We can help.

Not surprisingly, how you sit on the bike and the spacing of your sit bones determine whether a given saddle will be comfortable or not. Specialized makes a saddle for every posture on a bike and in a selection of different widths to fit all sizes of riders.

We use tools developed by Specialized to help determine the width of saddle you require whether it is for road, mountain or triathlon.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are not just for maximizing power transfer, they also provide exceptional comfort and protection for your feet. On the road, trail, or spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals for maximum comfort.

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